Tuesday, December 06, 2011

101 things to do when you're bored

  1. drink some tea
  2. go for a walk
  3. watch a movie
  4. turn on some music
  5. dance
  6. check out videos on YouTube
  7. bake some cake
  8. send an encouraging text
  9. go wild food foraging
  10. create an inspiration board or book
  11. knit or crochet something
  12. write a letter
  13. sit in a cafe and people watch
  14. figure out exactly how you'd spend a million
  15. sing
  16. meditate
  17. clean & tidy your room
  18. change your desktop picture
  19. organise your recipe folder, and go through your recipe books and mark ones you'd like to make.
  20. have a nap
  21. update your budget
  22. write a blog post
  23. play with your makeup
  24. dress up
  25. draw
  26. try out a new hairstyle
  27. call someone
  28. chew some gum
  29. find 5 new words in the dictionary
  30. scroll through old photos
  31. organise your wardrobe
  32. plan a party
  33. video yourself
  34. paint your nails
  35. weed the garden
  36. follow some yoga on youtube
  37. have a bath
  38. light a candle
  39. go to charity shops and play the £5 challenge (basically see what amazing thing you can get for £5, good fun by yourself or with a friend)
  40. write to your local council
  41. write a "happy list" of 10 things that make you smile
  42. make some bunting
  43. origami
  44. watch catch-up TV
  45. open a tin from your pantry
  46. tie dye
  47. make pancakes
  48. learn a phrase in a foreign language
  49. alter a piece of clothing you never wear
  50. put stuff on ebay
  51. clean
  52. sprout some seeds
  53. make an indoor tent
  54. go to your local petshop and look at the fish
  55. skip or hopscotch
  56. poach an egg
  57. offer to babysit for a friend
  58. go to the library
  59. brush your teeth
  60. doodle nonstop
  61. plan a roadtrip
  62. do laundry
  63. get friends round for a sleepover
  64. walk barefoot
  65. pack a picnic
  66. lie outside on a blanket
  67. sew up a bag out of an old shirt
  68. go fishing
  69. play boardgames with your family
  70. lay the table and have 'high tea' with friends
  71. watch the sunset or sunrise
  72. practice creating perfect winged eyeliner
  73. write a gift list for Christmas
  74. make a mixed CD
  75. scavenger hunt
  76. create some art for your bedroom
  77. make homemade applesauce
  78. catch a bus
  79. barbecue
  80. rearrange your room
  81. ride a bike
  82. camp in your own garden
  83. draw with chalk on the sidewalk
  84. wash your car
  85. take a photograph every hour
  86. fly a kite
  87. visit your nearest art gallery
  88. pluck your eyebrows
  89. alphabetise your books
  90. volunteer for charity
  91. go for a torchlight walk
more ideas for things to do when you're bored at home, or with friends and family:
 - laugh hysterically for no reason at all
 - pray
 - go wild swimming
 - make and eat cookie dough