Saturday, October 15, 2011

how to build self confidence & increase self esteem

hey everyone! i hope you are feeling fantastic today ♥

today i want to share with you a video that i created a while back, but that i've been thinking about a lot lately - especially since my return from Australia.

self confidence 101 took a lot of emotional energy to create, and a lot of time went into making sure that i shared only sound advice with you. in the video i share a little of my journey to becoming a more self confident woman, tips and advice i've learnt along the way and practical steps on how you can get there too.

i believe that true confidence is something that can be learnt - it's not something you are born with. so without further ado, please check out the video, and then read on for more of my story, as well as tips, links and further advice...

so, i hope that this has inspired you to live without fear, and to take charge of your life!

once i'd uploaded this i got lots of emails from people who've had difficulty making big decisions, or who suffer with social anxiety, or who just don't feel confident in everyday life to speak their mind, saying how grateful they were for the advice and how much it's helped them. because this is something i have dealt with personally, that made me question... how many more people can i help?

i started the Youtube channel in order to build the confidence of people like me, to inspire people that a different way of life and a different way of thinking was ok. that being a positive person was great, and that your interests, no matter what they are, are important!

my shyness used to stop me from interacting with the world - i was a very socially anxious teenager - but i've come through that, and i have now travelled across the world by myself, and i also run my own business. i just would have liked to have to learnt the things that i mention in the video sooner, so i could actually LIVE life to the max more!

anyway, my mum and i sat down and had a heart to heart. we decided to compile all these tips into a book, so that you could be encouraged further and understand deeper the lessons to increasing your self confidence and boosting self esteem.

i've edited this book loads of times, because i wanted it to be phrased positively, and be of the most help it could possibly be. so i hope you like it!

it is very simply titled How To Build Self Confidence & Increase Self Esteem - and it's currently available as a Kindle (which you can download to your smart phone or computer too)

let me know what you think, or leave a comment. i hope it's also good advice for you to share with other friends who struggle with self confidence too ♥

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Kim said...

Hi Alissa!

I recently found your channel on You Tube while looking for some new perspectives/products for natural skin care. After watching a couple of your videos, I really feel like we share the same views on so many topics! I especially like the healthy living series because I agree with most of your tips (minus the protein video - my skin looks so MUCH better since I've stopped eating meat and dairy, but of course each person is quite different!). I just wanted to say thank you for being a presence out there through YT and your blogs and everything else. You have been an inspiration to me as a peer (I'm 25), and I'm sure the younger ladies out there really look up to you as well!

Great job being healthy, living a natural life, and being connected to God and living your faith... all these things are undervalued in our societies, but so incredibly important to the quality of our lives! The reminder that someone else out there recognizes the value of these things really does serve as inspiration for me to be my best.

Thanks again for everything you do, and keep up the great work - it's so appreciated!