Saturday, October 15, 2011

how to build self confidence & increase self esteem

hey everyone! i hope you are feeling fantastic today ♥

today i want to share with you a video that i created a while back, but that i've been thinking about a lot lately - especially since my return from Australia.

self confidence 101 took a lot of emotional energy to create, and a lot of time went into making sure that i shared only sound advice with you. in the video i share a little of my journey to becoming a more self confident woman, tips and advice i've learnt along the way and practical steps on how you can get there too.

i believe that true confidence is something that can be learnt - it's not something you are born with. so without further ado, please check out the video, and then read on for more of my story, as well as tips, links and further advice...

so, i hope that this has inspired you to live without fear, and to take charge of your life!

once i'd uploaded this i got lots of emails from people who've had difficulty making big decisions, or who suffer with social anxiety, or who just don't feel confident in everyday life to speak their mind, saying how grateful they were for the advice and how much it's helped them. because this is something i have dealt with personally, that made me question... how many more people can i help?

i started the Youtube channel in order to build the confidence of people like me, to inspire people that a different way of life and a different way of thinking was ok. that being a positive person was great, and that your interests, no matter what they are, are important!

my shyness used to stop me from interacting with the world - i was a very socially anxious teenager - but i've come through that, and i have now travelled across the world by myself, and i also run my own business. i just would have liked to have to learnt the things that i mention in the video sooner, so i could actually LIVE life to the max more!

anyway, my mum and i sat down and had a heart to heart. we decided to compile all these tips into a book, so that you could be encouraged further and understand deeper the lessons to increasing your self confidence and boosting self esteem.

i've edited this book loads of times, because i wanted it to be phrased positively, and be of the most help it could possibly be. so i hope you like it!

it is very simply titled How To Build Self Confidence & Increase Self Esteem - and it's currently available as a Kindle (which you can download to your smart phone or computer too)

let me know what you think, or leave a comment. i hope it's also good advice for you to share with other friends who struggle with self confidence too ♥

Monday, October 10, 2011

an introduction to natural toothcare

hey everyone! hope all is well in your life at the moment ♥
today i want to share a little more info about natural toothcare with you all - it's something that i'd been putting off for ages. saying to myself 'well, everyone uses Colgate, so it must be fine', but i'm fairly certain that that's probably not the case, and if you start to understand more about what's in it and how much you digest each time you brush.

did you know that one less than 1 tube of toothpaste can actually poison a child so much that they die? yep, there's even a warning on the packet. so, what do you think that's actually doing to you?

there are so many unexplained illnesses in the world - so many diseases and auto-immune attacks that science can't fathom yet. one day we will, and we'll all be really shocked by our past behaviour. i picture myself sat down to dinner when i'm 70, chatting with my grandkids about how much food we gorged on, how we were able to fly whenever we wanted for minimal costs and how we saw it as our right to drive, own a microwave and surf the internet for hours on end.

i figure it makes sense to live with that future notion in mind, and a very simple way is to start by ridding your bathroom cabinet of poison. after all, doing something because everyone else does it never got anyone anywhere did it?

if you want to know more about switching to natural toothcare, and some more good reasons to do it, check out:
  •  this article about the amount of "Colgate for Kids" toothpaste it takes to kill a child
  • learn that fluoride is the main component of rat poison!
  • read the wisdom of arguably the greatest dentist of all time, Weston A Price and his discoveries on the role of nutrition in tooth decay, and how through his research he came upon a solution to avoiding 95% of all dental caries (cavities)
  • find out why the government started adding fluoride to our tap water and how fluoridation has changed our health - thanks to the anti-fluoride campaign for taking a stance against this.
  • learn the importance of preparing your wholegrains, to enhance nutrition and digestion, and keep your teeth sparklingly clean
it's so important to realise that so many things have been so well advertised and subsidised by big companies earning mega-bucks, that we've lost sight of what's really right and good for you!

large toothpaste companies earn shed loads of money, and their advertising preys on the human need to look beautiful and have white teeth. whereas if we ate a natural wholefoods diet without any of the other stuff that gets well advertised (like crisps, chocolate, cereal, margarine, icecream and pizza) our teeth would do alright anyway - as Dr Price shows us in his research.
all i'm saying is, think about it.
figure out if it's worth the slightly additional cost of buying a fluoride-free natural toothpaste...
do you use a natural toothpaste? what do you think of fluoride?

Monday, October 03, 2011

the importance of protein for beautiful skin!

hey everyone! i hope you are all having a beautiful day :)

it's been wonderfully sunny in England lately - everyone keeps thanking me for bringing back some of the Ozzie sunshine! how unusual to get the 3rd hottest day of the year on the 2nd of october?! anyway, i'm not complaining...

here is a video that i filmed with Tracy, The Love Vitamin, whilst i was down under. we decided to switch the camera on and talk a little about protein, our experience of it and a bit more of it's importance for your health. keep reading onwards for more of an in depth chat about protein and skin:

protein is of vital importance to good looking skin, and a well functioning body - it contains the building blocks that help our cells function normally and keep stable. without protein, i've noticed that my skin gets really out of shape, and loses it's natural 'glow'.

there are many different sources of protein - meat, fish, eggs, dairy, pulses, nuts, and vegetables. but which is the better source? firstly, check out this awesome article with a table of high protein foods for vegetarians, and this to compare the amount of protein in meat vs beans.

whilst i was eating a mostly fruit and veg diet i noticed that my skin got much worse, rather than improving. once i re-introduced good quality wild and organic meat and also yogurt, i noticed a significant improvement in a very short space of time. protein is essential to good skin, so make sure you are getting enough!

how much is enough? about 50g a day is about average, according to medical studies. and this can be attained by increasing the amount of greens, nuts/seeds and lentils/beans in your diet. try writing down what you eat in a day, then counting up the amount of protein in your day (using the chart in the link above) to see how much you're currently getting.

if you still aren't convinced that protein is super duper important to help rid your skin of acne, heal up skin blemishes or give your skin that 'glow' that you're after - read these articles:

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