Tuesday, December 06, 2011

101 things to do when you're bored

  1. drink some tea
  2. go for a walk
  3. watch a movie
  4. turn on some music
  5. dance
  6. check out videos on YouTube
  7. bake some cake
  8. send an encouraging text
  9. go wild food foraging
  10. create an inspiration board or book
  11. knit or crochet something
  12. write a letter
  13. sit in a cafe and people watch
  14. figure out exactly how you'd spend a million
  15. sing
  16. meditate
  17. clean & tidy your room
  18. change your desktop picture
  19. organise your recipe folder, and go through your recipe books and mark ones you'd like to make.
  20. have a nap
  21. update your budget
  22. write a blog post
  23. play with your makeup
  24. dress up
  25. draw
  26. try out a new hairstyle
  27. call someone
  28. chew some gum
  29. find 5 new words in the dictionary
  30. scroll through old photos
  31. organise your wardrobe
  32. plan a party
  33. video yourself
  34. paint your nails
  35. weed the garden
  36. follow some yoga on youtube
  37. have a bath
  38. light a candle
  39. go to charity shops and play the £5 challenge (basically see what amazing thing you can get for £5, good fun by yourself or with a friend)
  40. write to your local council
  41. write a "happy list" of 10 things that make you smile
  42. make some bunting
  43. origami
  44. watch catch-up TV
  45. open a tin from your pantry
  46. tie dye
  47. make pancakes
  48. learn a phrase in a foreign language
  49. alter a piece of clothing you never wear
  50. put stuff on ebay
  51. clean
  52. sprout some seeds
  53. make an indoor tent
  54. go to your local petshop and look at the fish
  55. skip or hopscotch
  56. poach an egg
  57. offer to babysit for a friend
  58. go to the library
  59. brush your teeth
  60. doodle nonstop
  61. plan a roadtrip
  62. do laundry
  63. get friends round for a sleepover
  64. walk barefoot
  65. pack a picnic
  66. lie outside on a blanket
  67. sew up a bag out of an old shirt
  68. go fishing
  69. play boardgames with your family
  70. lay the table and have 'high tea' with friends
  71. watch the sunset or sunrise
  72. practice creating perfect winged eyeliner
  73. write a gift list for Christmas
  74. make a mixed CD
  75. scavenger hunt
  76. create some art for your bedroom
  77. make homemade applesauce
  78. catch a bus
  79. barbecue
  80. rearrange your room
  81. ride a bike
  82. camp in your own garden
  83. draw with chalk on the sidewalk
  84. wash your car
  85. take a photograph every hour
  86. fly a kite
  87. visit your nearest art gallery
  88. pluck your eyebrows
  89. alphabetise your books
  90. volunteer for charity
  91. go for a torchlight walk
more ideas for things to do when you're bored at home, or with friends and family:
 - laugh hysterically for no reason at all
 - pray
 - go wild swimming
 - make and eat cookie dough

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

3,000 subscriber giveaway!

hey everyone! i have just passed 3,000 subscribers, which is incredible :)

so, to say a massive thankyou to each and every one of you, i have decided to hold a giveaway of some special things that i bought in australia, as well as give you the opportunity to be part of my upcoming book!

for more info and to see the prizes that are available, check out the video:

to enter, all you have to do is:
♥ leave a comment on Youtube, or on Facebook or Twitter, telling me the best thing you've learnt from my channel - perhaps a tip about acne, skincare or healthy living, or maybe you've learnt something about positivity or inner beauty?

- this is open internationally!
- you must be a subscriber
- the deadline is a month before Christmas, on the 25th November at 9am GMT
- you should be over 16, or have parental permission to give me your postal address if you win
- by entering, you give me permission to use your comments as part of my upcoming beauty tips book

for extra chances to win, leave another comment on:

you can also leave a comment on this post to enter, if you like! 

for more info on the beauty tips book, have a look at my introductory post here...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

how to build self confidence & increase self esteem

hey everyone! i hope you are feeling fantastic today ♥

today i want to share with you a video that i created a while back, but that i've been thinking about a lot lately - especially since my return from Australia.

self confidence 101 took a lot of emotional energy to create, and a lot of time went into making sure that i shared only sound advice with you. in the video i share a little of my journey to becoming a more self confident woman, tips and advice i've learnt along the way and practical steps on how you can get there too.

i believe that true confidence is something that can be learnt - it's not something you are born with. so without further ado, please check out the video, and then read on for more of my story, as well as tips, links and further advice...

so, i hope that this has inspired you to live without fear, and to take charge of your life!

once i'd uploaded this i got lots of emails from people who've had difficulty making big decisions, or who suffer with social anxiety, or who just don't feel confident in everyday life to speak their mind, saying how grateful they were for the advice and how much it's helped them. because this is something i have dealt with personally, that made me question... how many more people can i help?

i started the Youtube channel in order to build the confidence of people like me, to inspire people that a different way of life and a different way of thinking was ok. that being a positive person was great, and that your interests, no matter what they are, are important!

my shyness used to stop me from interacting with the world - i was a very socially anxious teenager - but i've come through that, and i have now travelled across the world by myself, and i also run my own business. i just would have liked to have to learnt the things that i mention in the video sooner, so i could actually LIVE life to the max more!

anyway, my mum and i sat down and had a heart to heart. we decided to compile all these tips into a book, so that you could be encouraged further and understand deeper the lessons to increasing your self confidence and boosting self esteem.

i've edited this book loads of times, because i wanted it to be phrased positively, and be of the most help it could possibly be. so i hope you like it!

it is very simply titled How To Build Self Confidence & Increase Self Esteem - and it's currently available as a Kindle (which you can download to your smart phone or computer too)

let me know what you think, or leave a comment. i hope it's also good advice for you to share with other friends who struggle with self confidence too ♥

Monday, October 10, 2011

an introduction to natural toothcare

hey everyone! hope all is well in your life at the moment ♥
today i want to share a little more info about natural toothcare with you all - it's something that i'd been putting off for ages. saying to myself 'well, everyone uses Colgate, so it must be fine', but i'm fairly certain that that's probably not the case, and if you start to understand more about what's in it and how much you digest each time you brush.

did you know that one less than 1 tube of toothpaste can actually poison a child so much that they die? yep, there's even a warning on the packet. so, what do you think that's actually doing to you?

there are so many unexplained illnesses in the world - so many diseases and auto-immune attacks that science can't fathom yet. one day we will, and we'll all be really shocked by our past behaviour. i picture myself sat down to dinner when i'm 70, chatting with my grandkids about how much food we gorged on, how we were able to fly whenever we wanted for minimal costs and how we saw it as our right to drive, own a microwave and surf the internet for hours on end.

i figure it makes sense to live with that future notion in mind, and a very simple way is to start by ridding your bathroom cabinet of poison. after all, doing something because everyone else does it never got anyone anywhere did it?

if you want to know more about switching to natural toothcare, and some more good reasons to do it, check out:
  •  this article about the amount of "Colgate for Kids" toothpaste it takes to kill a child
  • learn that fluoride is the main component of rat poison!
  • read the wisdom of arguably the greatest dentist of all time, Weston A Price and his discoveries on the role of nutrition in tooth decay, and how through his research he came upon a solution to avoiding 95% of all dental caries (cavities)
  • find out why the government started adding fluoride to our tap water and how fluoridation has changed our health - thanks to the anti-fluoride campaign for taking a stance against this.
  • learn the importance of preparing your wholegrains, to enhance nutrition and digestion, and keep your teeth sparklingly clean
it's so important to realise that so many things have been so well advertised and subsidised by big companies earning mega-bucks, that we've lost sight of what's really right and good for you!

large toothpaste companies earn shed loads of money, and their advertising preys on the human need to look beautiful and have white teeth. whereas if we ate a natural wholefoods diet without any of the other stuff that gets well advertised (like crisps, chocolate, cereal, margarine, icecream and pizza) our teeth would do alright anyway - as Dr Price shows us in his research.
all i'm saying is, think about it.
figure out if it's worth the slightly additional cost of buying a fluoride-free natural toothpaste...
do you use a natural toothpaste? what do you think of fluoride?

Monday, October 03, 2011

the importance of protein for beautiful skin!

hey everyone! i hope you are all having a beautiful day :)

it's been wonderfully sunny in England lately - everyone keeps thanking me for bringing back some of the Ozzie sunshine! how unusual to get the 3rd hottest day of the year on the 2nd of october?! anyway, i'm not complaining...

here is a video that i filmed with Tracy, The Love Vitamin, whilst i was down under. we decided to switch the camera on and talk a little about protein, our experience of it and a bit more of it's importance for your health. keep reading onwards for more of an in depth chat about protein and skin:

protein is of vital importance to good looking skin, and a well functioning body - it contains the building blocks that help our cells function normally and keep stable. without protein, i've noticed that my skin gets really out of shape, and loses it's natural 'glow'.

there are many different sources of protein - meat, fish, eggs, dairy, pulses, nuts, and vegetables. but which is the better source? firstly, check out this awesome article with a table of high protein foods for vegetarians, and this to compare the amount of protein in meat vs beans.

whilst i was eating a mostly fruit and veg diet i noticed that my skin got much worse, rather than improving. once i re-introduced good quality wild and organic meat and also yogurt, i noticed a significant improvement in a very short space of time. protein is essential to good skin, so make sure you are getting enough!

how much is enough? about 50g a day is about average, according to medical studies. and this can be attained by increasing the amount of greens, nuts/seeds and lentils/beans in your diet. try writing down what you eat in a day, then counting up the amount of protein in your day (using the chart in the link above) to see how much you're currently getting.

if you still aren't convinced that protein is super duper important to help rid your skin of acne, heal up skin blemishes or give your skin that 'glow' that you're after - read these articles:

ps. for continuous updates and photographs, follow me on Facebook or Twitter!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

say hello to the love vitamin!

during my time in Australia, i was fortunate to get to meet up with the lovely Tracy, otherwise known as The Love Vitamin. it just so happened, by pure coincidence, that she and I were living about 10 minutes away from each other - which is exceptionally odd, given that we've both been watching each other's YT channels for ages now.

it was super surreal to meet her, and to realise how petite a woman she is - such a surprise! we were like little and large! haha.

she'll be in Oz for another few months, and i was gutted that i couldn't stay out in australia a bit longer, so we could've hung out more - she's a very lovely and interesting person, and we talked for ages about skin, food, health and life in general. it was awesome. anyway, here's a little intro to her if you've never heard of her before, or you want to see what she's up to...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

how to deal with homesickness

hello lovely readers! i hope you are having a beautiful day :)

i've been very remiss at actually posting on this blog, getting thoroughly disctracted by video making, writing my beauty book and my food blog. so i apologise for that - thanks for sticking with me... and i hope i can bring you some interesting and good quality articles for you to read in the future.

today, instead of a beauty tip, i want to share something a little more personal: my battle with homesickness. now, this won't be relevant for all of you, but i reckon every one of you will come across someone with homesickness at some point in your lives, so it's sort of handy to find out how to deal with it, isn't it?

anyway, start by watching this video, and then keep reading for a more in depth chat:

i did have tremendously horrible homesickness from the ages of 8-16, that manifested itself in very physical ways (sort of a cross between a nervous breakdown and food poisoning - not very nice).

there were many occasions in which the only solution was for my mum to come pick me up - i even threw up at my dad's wedding and one christmas at my grandparents too. there was no logical explanation to why i felt so awful - and it was quite embarrassing to admit to anyone how i felt.

it has been a miracle being able to travel by myself to other side of the world - and i can definitely say that homesickness is behind me... so i wanted to share my tips with you all, and tell you how i get past my fears and anxieties and became a globetrotter!

1. physical vs mental strength
our brain is a very complex and powerful thing - it should never be underestimated, and ought to be respected and nurtured. BUT, it's not just your brain that suffers with homesickness, it can actually be a purely physical reaction to your new surroundings and lifestyle. be aware that your body might take a while to adjust to a new place, and let it ease into it.

2. take responsibility and get busy!
one of the best methods for getting over homesickness is to distract yourself by taking on responsibility for an event or person in your new destination. if all you have to worry about is yourself, then that's a really dangerous place to be in - it's not good to have too much time with your thoughts, especially those based on fear or anxiety.

3. know your route home and make a conscious decision to stay
when you're young, this is a hard one to get to grips with, as you can't always just leave (because it's not safe, you don't have the money, or the knowledge to travel on public transport). as you get older and can drive, etc, then it becomes easier, i have found. if you're the parent or guardian of someone who suffers from homesickness, then making sure that they've chosen to go on trips and travel is paramount!

4. the power of voice
most times i couldn't get to sleep when i was away from home, the only thing that would help soothe me was to have someone read to me, or listen to a storybook tape or music or watch Friends. familiarity and rhythm combined to create something truly calming, and i was always lulled to sleep rather quickly.

5. get into a routine
keep busy, keep distracting yourself. set your body back into a rhythm of routine.

6. emergency comforts
i like to wear a comfy hooded sweater, and bring with me plasters, lavender oil, ibuprofen and a few other things, in case of emergencies. that way, i won't worry about the unknowns.

7. prayer
i truly believe that it's only been through prayer that i've seen a way out of homesickness, given it burdened and restricted me for so long. by being able to pass my worries onwards, i knew i had someone else to lean on. i wasn't alone.

8. don't let fear stop you from acheiving your dreams!
please, please, don't assign yourself to living with homesickness forever, even though it can feel like that at the time. living with fear and anxiety of any kind is not healthy, and isn't really 'living'. keep going onwards and do things that scare you, until you come to realise that life goes on the same everywhere always.

i should have added also, that talking to other people about it is very important. don't be afraid to look childish or stupid - because it's much worse to keep it to yourself, trust me, that's how it festers and goes out of control. allow other people to help, and guide them to let them know how they can help you.

if you are a teacher or camp co-ordinator, be mindful of just how fragile someone with homesickness is, they are usually teetering on the emotional verge, so love and patience is important. please don't yell at them. let them have a really good cry, and let them speak to their parents. do try to distract them, and ask them if they'd regret not staying. be aware that sometimes it's really difficult to think anything outside of worry, so perhaps asking them to run an event or look after someone else can be helpful.

Monday, August 29, 2011

casual messy updo hairstyle tutorial

hey everyone! in case you haven't yet seen my most recent hairstyle tutorial video, here it is...

it's super simple to do, and will always look nice if you don't try to do it 'perfectly' - the essence of this look is in its decontructed, 'messy' look :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

healthy living tips: fresh air

hey everyone! hope you are all ok. i'm doing really well here in Australia - loving every moment :)

i just thought i'd catch up on this blog, and let you all in on one of my latest videos, if you haven't already seen it - #7 in my healthy living tips series, all about fresh air.

read on after watching for more info...

so why is it important to get out in the fresh air, and how much of it should we be getting?
 - fresh air is one of the all time most secretive, yet obvious, beauty tips out there. my mother has always said that a good quantity of fresh air will ensure a great complexion and help you sleep better too.
 - it's important to make sure you go outside every day, and breath in the pure natural air (especially if you live in the countryside). even better if you can do your exercise out of doors - have you ever noticed how horseriders, skiers, gardeners and cyclists have awesome skin?
 - by spending more time outside, you'll be breathing in cleaner air with more oxygen and positively charged ions. this:
  • enables you to breath better
  • helps to refresh your cells
  • makes you happier and more positive (because you'll be in nature!)
  • helps regulate body temperature
  • increases your vitamin D level
  • strengthens your immune system
  • smooths out your circadian rhythm (aka sleep pattern) 
  • aids recovery from illness,
  • and helps you live longer too!
 - other key ways of breathing good air when indoors are: good ventilation, living indoor plants, no toxic room sprays or fresheners, keeping windows slightly ajar.

Friday, July 15, 2011

how to get rid of acne scars

hello lovelies!

i'm back with the next installment (from australia!) of my all about acne series.

there are a couple of different types of acne scarring - hyperpigmentation from mild acne (usually red dots where a blemish has occurred), and proper acne scars from severe acne (ranging from icepick scars to keloidal scarring).

once my acne cleared up in february i was left with hyperpigmentation around my mouth and along my jawline, which is now gone 5 months later! here are my natural and holistic tips to getting rid of acne scarring:

1. patience!
time is absolutely essential - because it takes 1 month for your skin to regenerate, and because the damage is so far down with hyperpigmentation, it'll take much longer for the deepest levels of skin to renew and refresh. so WAIT! there isn't a miracle product or cure better than time.

2. good weekly oil massage
a simple weekly massage with a simple oil like sweet almond or grapeseed can really help boost the circulation to your skin surface, therefore promoting healing. it feels nice too - so give it a go!

3. heat + light
i've mentioned this before - it's important to get out in the sunshine, and to make sure your skin stays at a good functioning temperature. both times i've slept in a cold room i've got acne - and that's probably one of the main causes of it for me. sunshine helps the healing process too!

4. exercise
this will help your skin to heal and balance out because it gets your circulation going - and is probably what helped your acne to heal in the first place! gentle 30 mins of walking is helpful as a start...

5. good acne concealer
i recommend mineral products - disappear by jane iredale is my ultimate favorite, and then lily lolo mineral foundation over the top when the scarring is in it's early stages.

6. anything to encourage good blood flow!
basically, a good diet and lots of fresh air will help oxygen and essential nutrients keep your skin in balance and encourage it to heal quicker.

7. dermatologist visit
for those of you who have suffered from severe acne, and who have waited a good year to see improvement in your scars, i would recommend a visit to a good dermatologist (it'll be worth paying more money in the short term to make sure you get good results first time). they could suggest a simple filler, chemical peel or laser resurfacing to help even the skin tone.

for a greater in depth discussion - check out my yt vid:

Friday, June 03, 2011

avoiding acne scarring

hello lovely readers! i hope everything is ok with you ♥

here's a few tips and pointers on how you can avoid acne scarring...

but first things first - i must mention that i scarred from my acne, whether i picked, squeezed or left a blemish. it didn't seem to matter what i tried, i was left with these small red and purple marks where my acne had been. so, i don't actually think you can avoid acne scars... but you can make sure they aren't any worse or permanent than just a small red dot that disappears in a few months (and mine are now all disappeared 4 months later - yahoo!)

1. eat a great diet full of anti-inflammatory foods
follow an elimination diet, or simply try cutting out suspicious food groups to determine whether one particular food is causing the inflammation to occur. then load up on leafy greens, berries and fresh ginger to help reduce the redness.

2. exercise every day in a moderate and gentle way to keep your body in balance
frequent moderate exercise is awesome for you! and the more you can do outside the better. choose activities that are really fun and sociable, rather than things you feel you ought to do.

3. get out in the sun and fresh air
clear out your system by being in the sunshine and breathing lots of good air. it'll do you wonders - we were made to be outside.

4. avoid exfoliation, touching and picking your spots, massage and strong topical treatments whilst your acne is inflamed
leaving your skin alone to do it's job is the best thing you can do for acne, and to reduce your chances of permanent acne scars. infrequent hygienic squeezing is ok if you know how to do it, but this can also force the pus to lodge itself even further into your tissue and cause damage.

5. use products for sensitive skin in a gentle way and avoid 'acne' products unless they have been prescribed by a doctor
acne products can increase pigmentation due to their strength, as well as causing all sorts of other problems... avoid expensive mistakes and opt for a handful of products designed for sensitive skin instead.

here's a more in depth review:

i hope this information is helpful to you! keep an eye out, or subscribe to alissaevelyn to learn about how you can treat your acne scars ♥

ps. for regular updates, news and details about upcoming videos or giveaways, check out my new facebook page and like it

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the 15 minute principle

there are some things in the beauty world which hit you with their simplicity - the 15 minute principle is one of these. i mentioned it in my latest acne series, part 3: how i got rid of my acne.

basically all you have to do is wait 15 minutes between cleansing/toning, treating and moisturizing. 

the logic behind this is that it gives your face time to heal over and adjust before applying another product. that way your skin is less likely to get aggravated and inflamed, especially if you have open wounds, and you are more likely to put the product on in a more relaxed way. it's perfect for people with acne, or breakouts.

some people might find this a little tricky to fit into their morning routine - some people take 5 minutes usually to get up and out the door, so this might not be for you. but for other like me who take about an hour to get ready, this is no big deal... it just means setting the timer for 15 once you've cleansed+toned, then another 15 minutes after you treat, and then you can dab on some moisturizer.

now i've got rid of my acne :) all i do is cleanse/tone and then wait 15 minutes before applying my moisturiser. it seems a little bizarre to wait, but my skin is so good, that it's got to be worth doing, right?! plus it's FREE :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my acne story: an introduction

so here's my introductory video to this acne mini series - in it i show you my acne scarring, detail my journey with acne, and talk about the types of acne that are common - possibly TMI for many people, but i think it's helpful  know the ins and outs...

mild hormonal acne on my chin and jawline plagued me for months. i kept thinking it was getting better, and it would improve over a week or so...and then it would just breakout again. which is why you read such enthusiasm in previous posts detailing a new discovery that i think is going to be the answer!

anyway, stay posted, and subscribe to my youtube channel, alissaevelyn, for more in this series...

ps. by the way, in case you are wondering, i don't have before and after acne photos because i didn't want to have a picture of it anywhere!

Monday, March 28, 2011

writing, writing, writing

hi all! just thought i'd send you a little update on what i'm doing and where i'm at!

i've recently been writing my first book - how exciting is that? it will be a comprehensive book of natural beauty tips, everything from 'should you use vaseline?' to 'what's the best form of natural hair removal?' to talking about how i maintain my skin and live a healthy lifestyle. i've been putting lots of hours into research and so it's pretty stocked with information and some unusual (but practical) ideas!

i'm really looking forward to publishing it soon and being able to give you blog readers a sneak preview as well as the opportunity to win a copy!

this week i also hope to upload a video about my acne story - which i hope will help any of you out there that suffer from acne or regular breakouts. if you have any questions that you'd like answered, please don't hesitate to ask (either in the comments section, or anonymously on Formspring, or message me on Youtube) - i want it to be a really helpful resource for people...

and if you haven't already seen my new healthy food and diabetes channel, do check it out and subscribe!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

everyday natural makeup routine

so, my latest yt video is all about my everyday makeup routine. it's really natural looking, as well as using natural cosmetics too!

it's not a complicated look, but is perfect for something you might apply everyday, to go to work or school, rather than to a formal occasion or out clubbing.

the products i use have changed since last time i made a makeup tutorial video (which was ages ago!) - but i'm careful not to purchase too many products, and am only buying new makeup when i run out of a tube or a pot. it's much more eco friendly, and means that the makeup doesn't go off and so it won't have to be thrown away! way too many people have too much makeup, sticking to a few good products is much more cost effective and sensible! buying makeup can be quite addictive...

anyway, i hope there are some new products here for you to try out, and i hope you enjoy watching...

how to create a simple natural everyday makeup look in 10 steps:

1. start with a good base - apply a great moisturiser with spf15+, and vaseline on my lips and eyebrows (to tame them!) then let it sink into your skin for 15 minutes before continuing.
2. apply concealer - jane iredale's disappear in light on blemishes or hyperpigmentation, then lily lolo foundation under eyes and in circular motions on top of other areas that need more cover up.
3. apply the first layer of mascara - Une casual volume in C03 to the upper and lower lashes.
4. apply a gentle line on the lower lashes (in the waterline if you want to make your eyes appear smaller, under the lashes if you want them to appear bigger) with body shop eye definer in taupe.
5. then apply another coat of mascara to elongate a volumise those lashes!
6. brush foundation all over your face in circular motions for a more even looking base, or for a more formal occasion.
7. apply jane iredale eye highlighter pencil on eyebrow bone and cheekbones to accentuate the shape of your face.
8. apply lily lolo blush in cupcake on cheeks for a natural looking glow - it's amazing as it also looks a little like bronzer when you apply it...
9. apply bobbi brown gel eyeliner in sepia ink to upper lids and flick with the ultra fine eyeliner brush, for a more interesting and fashionable look.
10. finish off with a gentle application of bare minerals mineral veil, if you remember, as this will set your makeup look for the day and give you an extra glow!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

faces of beauty

hi everyone! just a quick post to let you know i am featured on faces of beauty this week 

the whole concept behind faces of beauty is wonderful, and i couldn't wait to be a part of it! everyone featured on the site must take a photo of themselves wearing no (or minimal) makeup and write a paragraph about what makes them beautiful. 

each ladies' paragraph is really inspiring and raises faith in the modern woman. they preach that beauty is not all about how you look on the outside, it's about what's on the inside - and as each women shares her story you become more and more aware of their own transitions and journeys. and more often than not these women have struggled with their own self image in the past, and through their own effort and support of others they have learnt to love the way the are.

i think it's a super positive thing, and so if you'd leave a comment on the post that would be much appreciated by the wonderful woman who runs it - Heather (who is going through a very tough time at the moment, so all and any support is a great thing) - who is such a star for encouraging women through FoB. 

if you ever feel down about your self, or suffer from low self esteem, head on over to Faces of Beauty to remind yourself how wonderful it is to be alive and how fantastic you really are.

Monday, February 14, 2011

simple twisted updo hairstyle: how to

hey everyone!

more often than not, here in the UK, it rains. and on those wet and windy days it's important for us ladies to have a hairstyle that doesn't mind being blown around or getting a little damp - a hairstyle that doesn't mind a little frizz or wave appearing, or being a little out of place.

my hair is naturally wavy, frizzy and curly - a total mess in wet and windy weather. so, instead of going for my usual bun or ponytail or hat 'do', i decided it was time to try out some braided looks, as they are far more elegant and pretty.

♥ so, this is what i eventually came up with:

Saturday, February 05, 2011

sea salt mask for acne

here's another thing which is cheap, easy, logical and worth trying if you suffer from acne anywhere on your body.

this was first 'discovered' when people with acne came back from a beach holiday with clearer, smoother skin. hmm, the sea salt water must be a natural exfoliating cleanser! and of course it is - it's highly anti-bacterial and exfoliating too, which helps eliminate the acne bacteria as well as leave your skin glowing.

i use a salt water rinse on my face every other evening, which seems to help reduce redness as well as making my skin a more even texture. and the areas where i had broken out are healing over quite nicely. i've been doing this for about two weeks now, and definitely notice an improvement in my skin.

for more success stories and reviews, check out: makeupalley, acne.org, healthboards, shimmer kisser, acne under control. the evidence is quite compelling in itself...

it's important to use good salt! don't go using fine table salt or anything, it needs to be good quality sea salt (i use Maldon). then all you need to do is dilute the salt in a little warm water and splash this over your face, or use as a toner with a cotton wool pad. leave it for 10-15 minutes before you apply your moisturiser. it may feel a little tingly, and be quite uncomfortable on open wounds (try to avoid this if you have sensitive skin)  but that's just it working properly.

♥ you could also try: adding a cupful of salt to your regular bath if you have body acne, making a scrub of salt mixed with honey, making a paste with a little water and using it as a spot treatment.

of course, if you have access to the actual sea itself, go swimming in that instead!