Friday, December 10, 2010

apple cider vinegar for acne and skin problems

apple cider vinegar is a relatively new thing to me. i found out about it on the blogosphere and bought my first bottle a few months back - i'm sure it was in some sort of haul video this last summer. but anyway, i first purchased it with a mind to use it on my hair, as i'd heard that this helps strip product build up and make your hair shinier. but after several repeat attempts, i still have not managed to make ACV work for my hair. i think my shampoo is just TOO good! ha ha.

so, i have been experimenting with using it on my skin. with really great results actually! which is why i thought it only fair to pass my information on to you guys ♥

firstly, if you want like 400+ positive reviews on it, check out the MUA boards, which completely rave about this for all sorts of things. and the boards for their shining reviews on using this for clearing your skin.

my own personal experience with this has been somewhat interesting. i started by using it as a direct spot treatment - which did not really work for me. i was literally putting some ACV on a cotton pad and pressing onto the infected area. i think this just aggravated it more than anything. so, i switched it up.

i mixed together in an old Neal's Yard blue glass spray bottle half of apple cider vinegar and half of rose water with a few extra drops of rosemary or lavender oil. i created my own anti-acne toner basically. which was so easy, and a really cheap thing to make too (added bonus!)

i spray my face with it once i've put my makeup on in the morning to set my makeup (sort of) and then once in the evening after cleansing. sometimes if i've gone out for an event and have lots of makeup on, i'll use this as a final cleanser/toner to make sure all the product is off and my face is really clean - i just spray a little onto a cotton wool pad and gently run it across my face. i make sure to shake it each time i use it too, just so that the product is evenly mixed.

i've finished almost two wholes bottles of this toner now, and i love it! the lavender and rose water calm down the strong scent of the apple cider vinegar, and it's less pungent. it's not too strong or direct an application to irritate my skin, though it is enough to help tighten my pores and even out my skin tone.

along with other things (which I'll talk about soon, i promise) this is really helping to clear up my acne around my mouth and jawline. thank goodness!

i've also been using it as a dressing on salads, which is yummy, and i'm sure helps the skin from the inside too.

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dpk said...

Your anti-acne toner is a terrific home mixture. For those who don't have the ingredients or time, a diluted ACV wash can also be great for the skin. Try it fifty/fifty with water to restore your skin to the acidic condition your skin prefers and kill off acne-causing bacteria.

I've heard from hundreds of people who swear that apple cider vinegar (or cider vinegar - same thing) does wonders for their skin, even if they don't have an acne problem. The ACV tonic (one teaspoon to one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a tall glass of water) can be taken up to three times a day with meals and will improve your nutrition, hydration, and the processing of all those excess oils in your body that result in acne.
Daniel P. Kray
Author, “Apple Cider Vinegar: A Modern Folk Remedy” available from major retailers through Earth Clinic.