Friday, June 18, 2010

honey and almond facial scrub

this homemade facial scrub is ridiculously easy to make, and incredibly simple and pure. i was trying to think of a scrub ingredient that wouldn't be too abrasive, and harsh on my skin - something that would even out the skin tone but not aggravate it...and finally i came across the idea of using ground almonds. i adore cooking with them, so we've always got some in the cupboard...

i mixed 1 teaspoon of raw honey with 2-3 teaspoons of ground almonds, just with my finger - but you can use a spoon if you want to be a tad more hygienic. i put it in an empty neals yard jar (the blue glass ones which really are exceptionally beautiful) and it keeps for a really long time, although you'll probably use it up within two weeks.

i used it a couple of times, and i felt cleansed and moisturised as soon as i rinsed it off. it smells delicious as well, and it can be as cheap/organic as you choose it to be.

i filmed a video with my brother about this homemade facial scrub which is perfect for men as well as women, i think it's pretty funny - there's some outtakes at the end, as well as a little how to watching jonny make the scrub!

why use honey and almonds on your face?
 - honey has great antibacterial and healing properties, as well as being very soothing and fighting redness and inflamation. it's also a fab humectant (moisture attractor) and hydrator
 - almonds have fab moisturising properties, and when soaked and then ground are gentle enough to use as an exfoliant for sensitive skin, it's also great for healing scars and is a fantastic emollient (moisture saver)

Note: moisture attractor + moisture saver = fabulously moist skin!

if you don't have ground almonds, you can grind some up or if you have a nut allergy then you could try using oats instead, that would be fantastic too - although best to grind them up in a food processor first! you could also try baking soda, rice, wheat germ or high quality salt.

* you could also use this recipe as a mask, just use about twice as much as normal, and leave it on your face for 15 minutes. rinse off with warm water, then splash with cold. divine.
*you could also try adding a bit of lemon juice for a bit more lightening, cleansing power if you choose to!
* if you don't want to use raw honey or you don't like it's smell, try exchanging it for yogurt, rose water or a drop of milk which are also super beneficial for skin.

i hope you enjoy experimenting with using honey as a cleanser, moisturiser and scrub, and all-round fantastic beauty ingredient!

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

ask me anything

hiya! i hope your day is beautiful and the sun is's raining here with me at the moment, but i'm not letting it get me down ♥

i just wanted to mention to you all that i have started a formspring account where you can all ask me questions, and even post them anonymously if you want...

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i will be doing a q&a video soon, as it's been requested a few times, and i thought it might be nice for you all to get to know a little more about me. so go ahead and ask a question, it can be anything, random, intelligent, creative and ask questions you really want to know answers to.