Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Contest Time

Hi everyone! I'm having a contest on my Youtube channel, with some amazing prizes to give away to the winners...check out the video that details more about how to enter, and give it a go! you might just win some special beauty and makeup prizes :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

how many times can i dye my hair

so when i went away round the world i dyed my hair three times, twice permanently and once semi-permanent. i wish wish wish i had only used semi permanent, so i wouldn't be left with any horrendous tidelines when it starts to regrow.

anyway, i thought it was worth telling you all how great the natural instincts semi-permanent range is...i love it! this was the second one i used, and it was such a gorgeous product to use, without a truly horrendous scent. the conditioner you get with it is just delicious, i wish you could buy just that actually because it would be the best deep conditioner ever!

anyway, i'm glad my hair isn't wrecked from all the product that's been put in it. i was so afraid it would all fall out or something...but it hasn't :)
i'm currently a chocolate brown kind of colour, but it's still washing out in the shower, unless that's the semi-permanent that's underneath? who knows, but the more that washes out, the less scary the roots will be when they come through! i have no idea what i'm gonna do when they do start showing...maybe do a semi-permanent root touch-up, or maybe go and get professionally colored back to my original color? not so sure.

what do you think?

this is my natural colour:

and this is the colour it is now:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

bathroom shelves

i stumbled across these awesome pictures from the selby, as i found them totally fascinating... this is what julia rr has in her bathroom cabinet.

if you've never checked out the selby, go ahead and take a peek now. it's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!